Financial Module

General Ledger

It is the core of a powerful Integrated ERP system. This module provides
immediate access to all the critical financial information required for
making informed and accurate decisions.
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Features Of General Ledger:

  • Flexible chart of accounts, which supports automatic accounts coding and unlimited levels of accounts.
  • Flexible chart of Cost Centers which supports unlimited levels.
  • Supports multi currencies.
  • Ease of entering journal entries.
  • Supports Main financial Reports: Statement of Account, Trial Balance, Income statement and Balance Sheet.
  • Provide Many Reports and charts for accounts and cost centers.
  • Supports Customized financial statements.
  • Transactions from accounts payable, accounts receivable, payroll, and journal entries all come together to give a complete vision about the financial state of company.
  • Ability to fully manage journals posting.
Chart of Account
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Technical Features of General Ledger:

  • Easy to create and edit chart of accounts.
  • Easy to create and edit cost centers tree.
  • Prevents user to enter unbalanced journal and always display the difference needed.
  • supports multi currencies.
  • Easy to close accounting period and automatically creates open journal.
  • Precise Access Rights to users to manage insert, update and delete actions.
  • Security levels for accounts.
  • It integrates with other modules in Global ERP System, like Accounts Receivable, Accounts Payable, Stock Control, Production and Human Resources.

Payable and Receivable Notes

This system manages paid cash to vendors and also received cash from clients,
It also gives you full control on all different status of payable and receivable notes.
Besides registering different expenses and revenue notes, and also transferring money between company drawers and banks.

It Consists Of:

  • Encoding company drawers and its open balances.
  • Encoding company bank accounts and its open balance.
  • Register paid and received cash.
  • Trace payable and receivable notes and notify users for notes due date.
  • Transfer money between drawers and bank accounts.
  • Register different expenses and revenues of company.
  • Many Reports like aging reports, cash flow and company expenses.


  • Notify users for payable and receivable notes’ due date.
  • Redesign print template of cash notes and checks.
  • Print money amounts in words.
  • Color Key to easy distinguish different status of notes payable and receivable.
  • Precise access rights for users on insert, update and delete actions.

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Fixed Assets

The Global ERP Fixed Assets program provides information and tools necessary to manage your assets’ financial data and reporting.

Main Features of Fixed Assets

  • You can Divide the assets to different groups.
  • You can easily and accurately track an asset’s purchasing and depreciation history, access related documents, view journal postings and more.
  • Maintains the fixed assets information such as: asset code, name, description, responsible employee, purchase date, guarantee period, operation date, depreciation method, residual value, years of useful life, depreciation rate, original value, current value and more.
  • Detailed asset profile provides complete depreciation history to assist with asset retirement management.
  • It supports standard depreciation methods such as Straight Line Depreciation Method and Declining Balance Depreciation Method.
  • Automatic links to Global ERP financial module, and enables calculated depreciation entries to be posted directly to the general ledger.
  • Calculates depreciation on a monthly or annual basis or for any period .

You have made significant investments in your equipment and other key assets.
Now you can accurately and efficiently manage these assets throughout their entire lifecycle.


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