Merchandising Module

Accounts Payable

The module is the first phase of the product life cycle where the company purchases either the products that it sells or the material used in the production modules to create the end user products sold to customers. It enables you to register daily processes like, purchase orders, invoices, returns and payments to be able to get financial statement for vendors.

Features Of Accounts Payable Program:

  • Register Vendors contact info, payment terms and tax rules.
  • Define vendor price list, to track and control price changes.
  • Full control for Purchase Orders, and follow up reports which gets ordered Qty, Received Qty, Remaining Qty.
  • Purchase invoices can automatically create stock receiving notes.
  • Ability to print barcode for purchased items.
  • Ability to show vendor balance and alert users when vendor exceeds credit limits.
  • Ability to show item’s last purchase prices while entering purchase invoice, and also to alert user when price change.
  • Integrates with Letter Of Credit Program.
  • Auto post to General Ledger.

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Inventory Management

It helps the users in creating the coding system and categorization. It also covers all transaction done within or between warehouses. It contains many reports that cover all inventory business.
stock control

Inventory Management Program Features:

  • Facilitate items registering, and organizing into groups.
  • Supports multi units of measure for every item, which facilitate invoices entry, and also organize reports data.
  • Defining inventory Max, Min and Reorder level for every item, which alert users about inventory state, and also to expose reports about inventory state.
  • Defining one or more barcode for every item.
  • Items transactions can include expire date, batch number, serial number, height, width, length, and also QC number.
  • Items transactions can be measured by Quantity and Count on the same transaction, which is suitable for Steel and textiles companies.
  • Supports wood trade by using cubing features.
  • Supports Items matrix, which facilitate registering clothes color, size and model.
  • Supports Assembling and disassembling of products.
  • You can Attach Item photo, define item vendors.
  • Supports the three famous costing methods (FIFO, LIFO and Average cost).
  • Integrates with General Ledger module.

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Accounts Receivable

It handles all sales activities from the pricing to the normal sales cycle starting from the Quotation passing through Order, Invoice, Delivery and Return. You can send customer statements, collect and apply payments, verify customer balance, track sales commissions, and deliver customer reports.
customer 2

Accounts Receivable Features:

  • Register customers contact info, payment terms and tax rules.
  • Categorize customers in groups, to facilitate organization of marketing and sales strategy.
  • Track customers’ quotes, sales orders and job orders.
  • Ability to track commissions for sales persons.
  • Ability to design bills and invoices.
  • Ability to use price lists to control customers’ prices.
  • Ability to show customers balance and alerts users when customer exceeds debit limits.
  • Auto post to General Ledger.

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