Point of Sale Program

Point of Sale
An accounting software for points of sale like pharmacies and supermarkets.
It optimizes and organizes sales process.

Point of Sale Program Features:

  • Many Stores.
  • Many Drawers.
  • More than One Price List.
  • Sales in Cash, On Credit and Visa.
  • Easy to find out purchase price change.


  • Cash Flow.
  • Inventory Balances and Movements.
  • Customers and Vendors Statements.
  • Expenses & Profit Reports.
  • Reports about sales purchases and inventories.

Technical Features of Point of Sale Program:

  • Supports Barcode readers, Barcode Printers, Receipt Printers and Electronic Scale.
  • Many Pcs can operate simultaneously, with precise access rights to each user.
  • Easy to learn and use.
  • Many Branches on different networks can be linked together.
  • Periodic database backup.
  • integrates with HR Program, Accounting Program and Merchandising Program.

Suitable For:

Supper Market – Pharmacy – Clothes Shops –
Computer Shops – Mobile Shops – Restaurants –
Electronics Shops  – Cosmetics Shops – Toys Shps ….

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