Production Module

Production Management System
It incorporates the needs of the institutions working in the field of Production.
It provides full control of the production process in terms of raw materials, cost and pricing items and even Produced Items.
You can plan expected production processes and customers’ requests, by analyzing time and required materials. System also gives you excellent control of the balance of raw materials and products in stock.

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System parts:

  • Bill of Materials.
  • Production Orders.
  • Track blending and wasted raw materials.
  • Calculate the actual cost of production.
  • Track employees’ production and commission.


  • Follow Up’s balances of raw materials and products in stores.
  • Accurate Planning of Production.
  • Determine in accurate the costs of products.
  • Financial and inventory reports show the size of the company’s business in detail.
  • Integrates with the Purchasing , sales , Accounts Receivable‎, Accounts Payable‎ , General Ledger, Inventory Management‎ and HR Systems.

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