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At Global Grid, we work with our customers to help them proficiently deliver products to their end-users and ultimately, to maximize their core business. Our outsourced software product development services allow our customers to minimize Time-To-Market, perk up the quality of their products, trim down risk of failure during the engineering development process, improve predictability and reliability of the engineering process while helping them minimize their over-all product engineering costs.

Phases of Software Design Requested by Our Clients

  • We form a working team with the client to identify his present and future management, technical and design requirements.
  • We identify the basic structure of advantages and specifications that shall be involved in the software to be designed.
  • Present a proposal to the client for discussing that structure and reach an agreement thereon.
  • Definition of the time schedule for implementation of the software.
  • Carry out on-site tests to the software.
  • Monitor the software performance in cooperation with the client.
  • Adjust the final requirements of the software.
  • Provide training to employees on the software.
  • Install the software and commence operating it.
  • Compare the software application results with the old system.
  • Endorse the software after ensuring the accuracy of its results.
  • Monitor the performance of the software for sufficient period.
  • Maintain on-going communication with the client for carrying out maintenance works and assist users of the software and confirm client satisfaction.

Our team is ready to develop your thoughts into a real application.

– Custom applications leveraging the full potential of internet technologies to solve your specific business needs. – New Application Development – Intranets / Extranets Development – Open Source Software Integration – Database Development

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